June 07, 2018

More Valuable

We have been taught a lot about giving charity (if you are moslem you would know the 2,5% formula, our income every months that should be allocated to someone in need). And by charity i meant money.

My Dad recently just taught me something similar, but so much more interesting. A social charity, not by giving money but giving something more intangible such as time, energy, effort, ideas, and so on. Something that most people avoid. They are actually being more rational because social charity would actually consume our resource much more than giving money.

Exhibit A:
A family member who has willingness to be the coordinator of family gathering, he has lots on his plate but takes it anyway. That is social charity.

Exhibit B:
An lower level employee who thinks effortly to find a solution in the middle of meeting, where he could actually sit and stay silent waiting until the end of session. That is social charity.

Exhibit C:
A daughter who drives a car to take her mother out of city just to make sure everything is fine and her mother is safe and sound. That is social charity.

Exhibit D:
A guy who who concentrate to listen to his other friend’s problem and be emphatic although he really want to go home and read his book. That is social charity.

Giving money as a charity is great, but i believe that giving those above mentioned intangible things are way more valuable.

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